Management Team

image Chief Executive Officer   Paul Jansen (1967) graduated at the University of Amsterdam in computing science and philosophy (both cum laude). At Philips Research he was computer scientist in the field of compiler construction and domain-specific languages. After a brief stay at Atos Origin and QA Systems, he founded TIOBE Software in 2000. Paul Jansen is the driving force behind the definition of the TIOBE Quality Indicator (TQI) and the famous TIOBE index that is published every month.
image Technical Director   Bram Stappers (1969) graduated at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Computing Science (MSc). Afterwards, he graduated in the 2-year technological design program Software Technology (OOTI), receiving the title PDEng. Through the years, he has been a leading software architect at Philips Research, Atos Origin and QA Systems. Bram has worked at TIOBE since the company‚Äôs inception. He has a strong background in compiler construction. His responsibilities include shepherding the TICS product along its journey to include more programming languages and quality metrics.
image Chief Services Officer   Rob Goud (1983) graduated at the Technical University of Eindhoven in Computing Science and Engineering. After graduating he joined Everest as a Business Engineer and was involved in the development of several Portal applications at Nationale Nederlanden. In 2007 he joined TIOBE as a senior consultant and was promoted to Chief Services Officer in 2012. As Chief Services Officer Rob is responsible for all TICS installations and support activities throughout the world.
image Chief Operations Officer   Marvin Wener (1982) graduated at the HAN University of Applied Science in automotive embedded systems. He has worked in the automotive industry at Hoerbiger, BOSCH, PUNCH Powertrain, DANA Spicer and DAF trucks. The latter two as a leading software architect, specializing in domain specific languages and code generation. In 2018 he joined TIOBE as Service Engineer and Project Manager. As Chief Operations Officer, Marvin is responsible for the daily operation of our software development team.